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Frequently asked questions

Search through most common questions.

  1. What is the difference between Designer and Senior Designer accounts?

  2. Designer account is Free of charge. It allows you to add only 5 projects per month. Each project can contain up to 10 elements with maximum size of 3MB per each image (*.jpg, *.gif, *.png).

    Senior Designer account costs $10 USD for a monthly subscription. But you can buy a Senior Designer account for a year for USD $100 USD and save $20 USD. This account allows you to add 30 projects per month and each project can contain 30 elements with each image element up to 10MB. Senior Designer account also receive a premium badge next to the profile image.

    Both accounts have functionalities of following users, liking and commenting projects, adding buttons to profile to the most popular Social Medias and adding Google Analytics code for profile statistics tracking, HTTPS.

  3. Can I switch plans?

  4. Yes, at any time. When upgrading or downgrading your Portfolio plan, you will receive either a pro-rated charge or refund, depending on the cost of your new plan.

  5. How can I switch from Designer to the Senior Designer account?

  6. To upgrade your account click here or open menu ☰ and click over the Upgrade button.

  7. How can I pay for a Senior Designer account?

  8. At the moment, our platform supports payments only via PayPal. Please visit for more details.

  9. What happens with my projects when my Senior Designer Premium account expires?

  10. All projects uploaded using premium account will remain on your profile but you won’t be able to edit them (it’s caused by platform limitations, but if it will become a wider problem our team will consider adding edit option). So far, if you would like to do some changes in the projects added under upgraded account, you can contact us by using contact form.

  11. Is there a discount for Senior Designer yearly service?

  12. Yes, we offer discounts on up-front long-term commitments. Pay $100 for the year up front – save $20. No hidden fees.

  13. How long is the contract on account Senior Designer?

  14. Senior Designer plans are monthly or yearly Subscriptions. You can start or stop your Senior Designer account at any time.

  15. How can I delete my account on SocialDoe?

  16. To delete an account write an email with a request by using contact form. Account will be deleted within 72 hours, all data will be permanently deleted from the Socialdoe database.

  17. How can I unsubscribe from SocialDoe newsletter?

  18. Simply click on the "unsubscribe" link. It’s placed in the footer of each newsletter email received from us.